November 14, 2011


A pensioner from Aldershot has been banned from driving after racially abusing another driver. Mr Fitzpatrick aged 65 was found guilty of racially aggravated harassment.

Witnesses told courts that Mr Fitzpatrick has been constantly braking in front of the victim causing him to keep breaking. When the other driver finally overtook using the bus lane, Mr Fitzpatrick decided to follow him. Both drivers came to a stop and Mr Fitzpatrick was heard racially abusing the driver, threatening to kill him and grapping his car keys off him.

Madeleine Di Matteo, defending Fitzpatrick stated that he was the sole carer of his ex-wife who is very unwell and not mobile, he was using his ex-wife’s mobility car at the time of the incident and by banning him from driving, her quality of life would be severely impacted.

However, Mr Fitzpatrick has history of four similar offences, one only taking place in February this year. Based on this he incurred a £230 fine, £100 in costs and has been banned from driving for 12 months.

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