December 3, 2014

Passing In London Is The Most Difficult

Today, only 39% of London drivers pass first time round, while 35% pass second time, with 10% of drivers taking four attempts or more before trading in their provisional licence. This is a significant decline in recent years, compared with 52% of first time passes in 1994.

With a rise in the number of cyclists to watch out for, yellow box junctions to stay out of for fear of landing a camera fine, red routes to avoid stopping on and the sheer pressure of traffic, it is getting more difficult to drive in London.

The driving test has also become harder in recent years with the introduction of the theory test, the independent driving section of the test and the greater focus on eco driving. Despite these changes, parents are still confident they can teach their kids to drive, cutting back on formal, expert tuition. This has led to the fall in the number of first time passes in the capital. The increasing changes in the driving test have put driving tuition beyond the capabilities of most drivers. Learners now need to be taught exactly what examiners are looking for and such instruction can only be given by a qualified instructor.

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