August 10, 2012


A van driver accused of knocking over Simon Richardson, Paralympics Gold Medallist whilst he was cycling near Bridgend was found to be twice over the drink drive limit and had poor eyesight.

Mr Richardson was out training for the London Paralympics back in August last year and was about 20 miles into his training when the van hit him.

The driver, Mr Adams said he had been blinded by the sunlight and when he felt a bump thought he had simply hit a sheep which he claims is why he failed to stop.

However, the jury was told that Mr Adams could not read a number plate from 4m away and could barely see one from 2m away even when wearing his driving glasses. He had also been drinking whiskey since 6am that morning.

Mr Richardson suffered serious injuries including a fractures spine and pelvis and a perforated bowel. The case continues but Mr Adams has been warned he faces a jail sentence.

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