May 25, 2023

Overcoming Driving Anxiety


Learning to drive can be a anxious time for many first time drivers, The thought of learning a new skill can be daunting. I should know, i was one of them! In this blog i am going to give you some advice and tips on combating the nerves and getting yourself on the road.


I think generally the thought of something is usually what builds up anxiety, its the unknown and the what ifs. But if you can overcome the negative anxious thoughts and give it ago you will find that its actually not that scary! I think overthinking and ruminating is what builds things up in our minds and leads us to become stuck in a negative thinking pattern, which leads us to become stuck and frozen in fear. Sometimes you have to feel the fear and do it anyway..


Once you have decided you would like to give driving ago, the best piece of advice i can give you is to find a driving instructor who you gel with.Someone who is patient and will understand you are nervous and help you to overcome your fear. Learning to drive with an instructor who you get on well with will make driving lessons feel like a pleasurable experience and you will even find you are having fun at the same time!



Have confidence in yourself, remember the instructor will have dual control of the car. You are not in danger, they have the ability to be able to emergency stop if needed or help take control of the car. Be clear with your instructor and communicate your worries, they can help eliminate your fears.

Stay calm and listen to your instructor, let them instruct you. Patience is everything, don’t rush yourself, remember learning to drive is learning a whole new skill, which takes time. So don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t pick it up straight away or feel like you can’t remember it all. Just keeping up the momentum and having weekly lessons will do you the world of good, regular lessons will help it all sink in and come together.

Ensure you don’t partake in anything stressful or tiring before your lesson, try and get a good nights sleep the night before to ensure you are well rested for the lesson. Drink plenty of water and eat a healthy meal before hand to ensure you are hydrated and don’t get hungry during the lesson.

If you are able to, take a few moments before the lesson to gather your thoughts and take some deep breaths to help calm your nervous system.

Keep in mind it is totally NORMAL to have nerves and be anxious, but you can do this.

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This blog was written by Rebecca at Britannia.