Organise your driving lessons

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail:

When you take driving lessons with Britannia Driving Schools, you’ll get your own personal lesson plan or log book. Your instructor will put together a structured course to make sure that you will be given the best chance of passing your driving test and to drive safely afterwards.

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) recommends that learners should have about 40 hours of professional driving lessons and another 25 hours of practice to be ready for the driving test. With the huge increase in the volume of traffic on the roads, you will need more driving lessons now than was necessary in the past.

What not to wear for driving lessons:

The right footwear is vital for your driving lessons. Heels are best avoided as it’s difficult to get the leverage you’ll need to operate the pedals. Boots or trainers with thick soles aren’t a good idea either as they make it difficult to feel the clutch bite. Avoid flip-flops because they can slide off too easily. Driving without shoes is defiantly a no, no for driving lessons.

Putting theory into practice:

Studying for the Theory Test at the same time that you take driving lessons is the best way to put the theory into practice. Applying your knowledge of the theory and hazard perception skills on the road will improve your chances of passing the Theory and Practical tests first time.

Studying this way with Britannia Driving Schools, you’ll get all the support you need from your driving instructor, who can show you how theory applies in reality during your driving lessons.

It’s a good idea to book and start preparing for your theory test from your first few driving lessons. The two best ways to make a booking are:

To cancel or postpone a booking, notify the DSA booking office at least three days before the test, otherwise you will lose your fee.

What to take to the Theory test:

  • Your signed provisional driving licence and photographic identification (e.g. passport/student union card), or
  • Your signed photo-card licence and paper counterpart.

Your first few driving lessons:

These will probably be spent in quiet locations getting to grips with the car. On your first driving lesson, you’ll be given a copy of Britannia Driving Schools Progress Record. This log book will help you to keep a record of your theory and driving progress and helps your instructor to tailor your driving lessons to a plan based on your progress. You’ll be able to see how well you’re doing and how near to test standard you are.

We’ll give you a call after your first driving lesson to make sure you’re happy with everything.

The finishing line:

There are driving test centres located all over Greater London, Surrey and Middlesex. Your instructor will let you know which one is most suitable for you. Take your instructor’s advice about booking to make sure they’re available on the day. This will usually require a 3-hour booking to allow time for a warm-up driving lesson, the test itself and the journey home.

The cost of the Practical Test for car drivers is £56.50 during weekdays or £67.00 for Saturday and weekday evening tests. After about two weeks you’ll get your test appointment letter. If you need to cancel your test for any reason, you’ll have to give ten working days notice to keep your fee.

You can book your driving test online with the DSA. When you book your test you’ll need:

  • Your provisional driving licence
  • Your Theory Test certificate number
  • A debit or credit card for payment
  • Details of your preferred test dates and times
  • Details of any special requirements

It’s my driving test and I can do what I want to…

No you can’t!!! You must take your provisional driving licence and your Theory Test pass certificate with you when you arrive to do the Practical Driving test. If you have a photo-licence you must take the counterpart with you as well. It is part of the licence. You must have some form of photographic identification and all the documents must be original, not photocopies.

“Unlike the other national driving schools, driving lessons with Britannia Driving Schools won’t cost the earth”

For more information or to book a course of driving lessons with Britannia Driving Schools fill out the Request Call Back or Freephone on 0800 252 692