Finding the best driving school

Finding the diamond in the rough:

One of the biggest decisions when you decide to take driving lessons is choosing a good driving school. Of course price is important, but what’s really crucial is that you make sure you choose a reputable driving school with licensed driving instructors such as Britannia Driving Schools. Learning to drive can be expensive, so do your due diligence.

You can research on the internet, and most driving schools will have a website, or are in the local business telephone directory

What is the main difference between large driving schools and small driving schools?

The larger driving schools such as Britannia Driving Schools have got a pool of instructor so if your own is unavailable because of holidays or illness you’ll be offered a replacement without having to have a break in your lessons. Larger driving schools will also, have a pool of spare cars so if your own instructor’s car breaks down on test day, you will be provided with a replacement car.

Most small driving schools operate from home and are generally a one man band with a mobile phone number, but with little or no backup, no spare car, and sometimes with no published address or landline phone number-possibly a band you’ve never heard of… It won’t be music to your ears when things go wrong.

Manual or Automatic car tuition?

Only large driving schools like Britannia Driving Schools have both manual and automatic vehicles. Most people choose to learn in a manual car. This means you gain a full driving licence and can go on to drive a manual or automatic car in the future. If, however, you pass your test in an automatic that’s the only sort of car you’re then qualified to drive. In an automatic you don’t have to learn to use the clutch and gears, it’s a much simpler task and means you can give more of your attention to what’s happening on the road.

Help with the driving theory and hazard test?

Most driving schools will offer help with the theory test in the sense of testing you with sample questions. If you feel you may have problems with the driving theory or hazard perception test you might want to choose Britannia Driving Schools-we can offer you extra support.

Intensive driving courses?

Most driving schools provide intensive driving courses. If you want to learn more quickly, it could be possible with an intensive course. With an intensive course you can learn in anything from a week to a couple of months. Don’t forget you’ll need time to pass the theory test before you take the practical driving test and during this time you can be taking driving lessons.

Do all driving schools provide one hour lessons?

No. When enquiring about driving lessons, check how long they are. The reason why some lessons seem so much cheaper than others is because you’re being quoted for forty-five minutes, rather than an hour.

Post-test support:

Many driving schools offer the option of having a motorway lesson after you’ve passed your test. Some are registered to teach the Pass Plus course. Britannia Driving Schools offers post-test support to all its clients.

With Britannia Driving Schools you get none of the negatives…and ALL OF THE POSTIVES

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