June 18, 2010


Police are introducing a new camera system to help catch careless drivers.

The approach they intend to use has caused much debate and for many they feel it is an invasion of privacy.

The new spy cameras are to be on a mast positioned on top of police vehicles. The cameras will be able to zoom in for some distance and catch drivers who are using mobile phones, not wearing a seatbelt, eating or applying make-up.

The police suggest that introducing the cameras will help reduce road deaths but motorists see it as another way for the Government to cash in.

Drivers caught on camera talking on their phone will automatically be fined £60 and will be given three points on their licence. Anyone caught not wearing a seatbelt, eating or driving unduly will be fined £30.

One worry is that the cameras will reduce police presence on the roads and that their time will be spent surveying the footage rather than combating crime directly.

Some have suggested that the cameras be implemented to catch crimes that really affect society such as burglaries and anti-social behaviour. However, they realise that this is not likely as there is no money to be made doing this.

Natasha Simper of Britannia Driving School said: “Are the spy cameras there to stop motorists acting carelessly on the road or are they just a money making machine ready to spy on the public. My advice is to resist picking your nose!”

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