November 13, 2012

No one is above the law.

Yes, we know that it’s a cost we wish we didn’t have to pay. But we all need to take our driving insurance and pay to take out test.

Some people however, just don’t. They forget that if you drive without insurance you are breaking the law. Moreover, when been people have been banned from driving and are required to take their test again, some people don’t and just start driving again. But one must take their test again. The penalties can be severe.

Some people though either think that the law doesn’t apply to them, or they forget! TV comedian Omid Djalili is one person who has been breaking the law. The twice banned comedian, Djalili, 47, was first banned from driving in 2008 and never reapplied for his licence, and was banned from driving again just a month ago for driving his moped without insurance. Read the rest of the article here

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