August 8, 2011


New Zealanders will now have to wait until they are 16 before learning to drive, the previous minimum driving age was 15. The new law which was introduced on August 1st was introduced alongside two other laws which are aimed to reduce accidents involving young motorists.

Another law imposed now states that those under the age of 20 will not be allowed to consume alcohol before driving. The current blood alcohol limit for drivers under 20 is 30mgs of alcohol per 100mls of blood, but this is now reduced to zero.

The country also sees changes taking place in February 2012 with the restricted licence test. This will involve young learners spending more time having lessons under supervision before being allowed to drive alone.

Only 15% of motorists are aged under 25 years in New Zealand, yet they account for over a third of accidents that cause serious injury. These new laws are hoping to improve the safety of young drivers and reduce the number of accidents involving young people.

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