December 17, 2010


Treat yourself at Christmas time and invest in driving lessons. What could be more worthwhile than learning to drive and allowing yourself the freedom to travel in your own vehicle (which will be nice and warm in these winter months). We provide a flexible service and cater for your individual needs. We provide a door-to-door service and have a huge number of instructors and vehicles available.

Maybe it is your New Year’s resolution to take up driving lessons, in which case you can still purchase gift vouchers right throughout the year.

If you want to bring a smile to the faces of friends and family why not purchase driving lessons as a Christmas present. You still have until 21st December to purchase your Christmas vouchers.

If we have a snowy Christmas, lessons can still take place. Driving in the snow for the slightly more advanced learner is invaluable experience. Even those that hold a full licence may want to take a lesson or two in the snow to prepare themselves for the harsh weather.

Emily Smith of Britannia Driving School said: “Whatever the weather remember to drive safely and check travel conditions before setting off on any journey.”

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