October 12, 2011


We all try and do our bit for the environment and with technology advancing it should be easy to reduce our carbon footprint when driving, but this doesn’t help us reduce our costs.

Most drivers cannot afford to buy a new car which is fitted out with all the latest technology. So much so that 6.8 million used cars were sold last year in comparison to just 2 million new cars.

Owners of older vehicles are being penalised and are charged much more road tax then new ‘green’ cars. But this does not seem a valid reason for charging more…as a ‘green’ car driven badly can be just as bad as a ‘non-green’ car that’s driven well.

The government are trying to encourage drivers to purchase new cars with the scrappage scheme, but it seems to end there are charging those who can’t afford to buy a new car a higher excise duty does not seem fair or a way of tackling the environmental problems our planet faces.

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