March 4, 2009

Motorway Signs Warn Drivers Against Risking Lives

Highway chiefs have introduced a new measure after reports became apparent that an increasing number of motorists were risking their lives by running out of fuel on the motorways.  Electronic signage is being used to remind motorists to check their fuel gauges, in order to ensure they have sufficient fuel to reach their destination.

The Highway Agency stated that last  year alone more then 5,500 motorists ran out of petrol / diesel on motorways in the south east of the country alone, some even stopped in lanes still busy with fast moving traffic – which could easily cause a catastrophe.

As the credit crunch hits and recession kicks in, it seems more motorists are letting their vehicles run dry before refuelling, but being court out on the motorway is no joke. The motorway hard shoulder is specifically for emergencies as it does not guarantee your safety, being on the hard shoulder simply because of running out of fuel is putting your life at risk for a reason that could have been easily avoided.

The AA reported that as many as 1/5 drivers have gone past or very close to the empty mark on their vehicles, half of young drivers admitted they had run their tanks close to dry. Some of the main excuses given were not being able to find cheaper fuel and thinking they had enough to reach their destination.

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