January 6, 2016

Motorway Lessons for Learners

Learner drivers will be given motorway experience with an instructor before they can pass their driving test under new plans announced by the government.

The Department for Transport is considering the move as a way to make sure learners are properly prepared for everyday driving before they pass their tests. Under the plans, they would be allowed to gain experience on motorways under the supervision of an approved driving instructor.

Currently motorists are only allowed on the motorway once they have passed their practical test. The possibility of learners on motorways will be explored under a £2M project of examining driver education. It will look at whether the current regime gives the best training for learner and novice drivers. Compulsory basic training for learner motorcyclists will also be reviewed.

As part of a plan of reforms known as the road safety plan, transport ministers are also planning a £50M grant for better cycling training in schools, and looking at forcing lorries to keep their sideguards to better protect cyclists.

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