December 21, 2015

Calls For Cyclists To Pay Road Tax

Motoring campaigner, Mike Rutherford, says cyclists should be made to pay their way into Britain’s congested and disgraceful roads. His demands come as drivers face hefty queues in central London due to building works on a cycle superhighway, which runs via Hyde Park Corner, Parliament, Blackfriars and the Tower of London.

Rutherford, who founded the Motorists Association 20 years ago, says it is not fair that drivers are forced to suffer the woes of traffic as workers build a superhighway for cyclists to enjoy. He called for cyclists to pay a £50 road tax per year to gain access to the country’s roads.

He also insists that cyclists should be licenced in order to answer to the law. Boris Johnson previously argued that restrictions on cyclists are an infringement on their human rights.

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