August 21, 2012

Motorway Driving.

How do you feel about driving on the motorways? It’s amazing how many people, who have 20 years plus of driving experience, yet dread going on the motorway. For some people, the idea of joining fast moving traffic is scary. For others, the fact that you are driving between 60-70mph is a little overwhelming. Learning to drive on the motorway though is beneficial.

Once you have passed your test ask your instructor about motorway driving. You would have already been on duel-carriage ways so you should be comfortable with driving at a higher speed. Your instructor will teach you a lot about motorway driving such as: when to best join the motorway, how to overtake and when not to overtake. You will also see the difference when you overtake a lorry as compared to a normal vehicle. Other things you will learn will be when to effectively use the outside lanes, what to do in case of an emergency and how to deal with other road users who are joining the motorway. As with the rest of driving, learning to drive on the motorway is on going and you will learn something new each time you step into your car. Just remember to stay safe!

On the whole, driving on the motorway is a great experience. It can take you to so many places so it’s something that should be enjoyed and not feared.

Here are some of my top tips

1) When you first start learning to drive on the motorway, drive during quiet times
2) Ask your driving instructor or an experienced driver for lessons on the motorway
3) Never, ever, take risks on the motorway
4) Remember to take breaks, there are any number of service stations to use
5) Check your oil, brake and clutch fluid, tyre pressure and windscreen washer fluid. These things make a big difference.

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