May 8, 2013


A motorist who has killed two cyclists more than 25 year apart, was handed just a five year driving ban.

The Cyclists Touring Club has branded the sentence given to Gary McCourt “scandalous” after he killed a cyclist in 2011.

Audrey Fyfe, 75, who was not wearing a helmet at the time, was knocked off her bike, after Mr McCourt clipped her back wheel. She unfortunately died two days later. The courts found Mr McCourt guilty of killing Audrey however, he was only given a five year driving ban.

Mrs Fyfe’s widower, Ian was clearly unhappy with the sentence and said: “I feel with him having killed two cyclists already he shouldn’t be allowed to drive for life and I don’t think that is unreasonable.”

He went on to say: “How many times is he going to have to kill someone before he is banned for life?”

Cyclists are fast becoming a big part of our roads and more provisions are being made for them with Boris Johnson’s bikes, cycle lanes and bike incentives offered by employers.

So for motorists, it is important to be considerate of cyclists and ensure they adopt a safe driving approach when near cyclists.

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