July 5, 2010


Blind spot, how many of you check your blind spot before moving off. Research has shown that around three thirds of motorcyclists say that other motorists seem unaware of them.

Many motorists are under the impression that as a bike is considerably smaller than a car, they will take longer to reach them. However, a motorcycle is faster in acceleration due to weight and can attain higher speeds.

It can be difficult when motorbikes decide to overtake in a queue of traffic, naturally a car overtaking is clear to see but often bikes are in a driver’s blind spot.

However, it is also silly errors such as opening a car door without looking that can have serious consequences for a cyclist or motorcyclist. It is also carelessness, such as not looking properly before pulling out at a junction and not checking mirrors as taught when learning to drive.

There is also this myth that if your vehicle is bigger then you have right of way, this right of way violation often leads to accidents as pride gets in the way.

So what is the solution, there have been numerous television campaigns to remind drivers of the importance of using their mirrors and checking for motorcyclists, but we need to change the attitude of motorists. Over half of all motorcyclists believe that by introducing virtual motorcycle lessons we could improve the attitude of motorists and make the roads a safer place.

Natasha Simper of Britannia Driving School said: “It has been suggested that the practical driving test for car drivers is out of date and needs to be seriously improved to keep up with current times and the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) is slowly amending it. So perhaps motorcycle awareness should be next on their agenda.”

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