January 4, 2010


The IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) have found that most motorcycle crashes occur in daylight in fine weather.

Sunday is the day that sees most accidents with 20% more accidents happening than any other day. This is thought to be because Sundays allow drivers to take a leisurely drive where they are likely to travel longer distances than the average weekday commuter.

Over half of rider fatalities are a result of bikers leaving the road and hitting a roadside object and most serious crashes happen on bikes that are over 500cc.

Not surprisingly it is the younger drivers that have more accidents and this is put down to the fact that they have less experience on the roads. The younger riders are also the ones that tend to crash in urban areas at junctions.

Simon Bush of Britannia Driving School said: “Experience, confidence and competence. These all contribute to the making of a safe rider. Even if the conditions are clear this is a message to warn all road users not just motorcyclists that accidents can still happen.”

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