February 7, 2011


Unfortunately we all age and with this comes responsibility to make sure we are still capable of things we have done all our lives such as driving.

Don’t wait for problems to occur, keep on top of your health. If you experience any of the following, seek advice:

Difficultly reading

Feeling confused on the road particularly at roundabouts and junctions


New prescription drugs

It may not just be you that’s aged but the vehicle as well. Older cars lack safety features and many don’t have power steering or information presented on the dashboard to warn of any impending problems.

Even if you do find that your health deteriorates that does not mean losing your independence.

You could look into changing the car to make it easier for yourself. This may mean changing from a manual to an automatic or looking into a specially adapted vehicle.

However, simple things such as a good night’s sleep, eating healthily and knowing about the side effects of medication you are taking will all help. Most importantly when you are out on the roads don’t panic!

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