March 21, 2011

McLaren Executive Loses Driving Licence

The chairman of the motoring group McLaren has lost of his driving licence and been banned from driving for six months.

Ron Dennis was given 3 points when he ran a red light earlier this month and with 9 points already on his licence from previous speeding offences he was automatically given a ban.

Mr Dennis claims that he jumped the red light as he felt stopping suddenly may have gone on to cause a crash.

He pleaded with the courts, after hearing of his ban telling them that he really needs his licence as he works long hours and spends time with his children over the weekend. However, they ignored his pleas and along with the ban ordered him to pay a fine of £350 and court fees.

Emily Smith of Britannia Driving School said: “No matter who you are or what your reasons may be, the highway code is in place for a reason. Points on our licence allows us as humans to make an occasional error, but after acquiring 12 points you must suffer the consequences.”

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