December 4, 2012

Many still aren’t learning.

Drink driving is a serious offence. But some people just don’t take it seriously enough.

Last month Manchester United midfielder Ryan Tunnicliffe admitted to being nearly twice the drink-driving limit when he crashed his Range Rover into a van.

The footballer received an 18 month driving ban and fined £800. However, it shouldn’t be the penalties that put you off drink driving. The very fact that you are at risk of harming other people should be a big enough deterrent.

For whatever reason, the idea of drink driving doesn’t scare people the way it should. But when you are driving under the influence of alcohol you are not only putting yourself at risk, but other road users too. Which is very unfair.

Remember that there are lots of alternatives to driving. You can arrange for someone to give you a lift, use public transport or take a cab. This may not be what you want to do at the time, but the consequences of drink driving can be detrimental.

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