June 25, 2013

Many Drivers Think Drink-Driving Is “Normal”

A new survey has revealed that many drivers believe that drink driving is still acceptable.

The poll, conducted by the AA and Populus, a professional research agency, that questioned 19, 589 adults, suggests that as many as seven per cent of drivers consider themselves more than capable of operating a car without any problems after having several drinks – despite over 200,000 people injured or killed on UK roads per year (2011), with around 250 of these related to alcohol-related accidents .

Roughly 32% of fatal car crashes are also said to have involved an intoxicated person.

Over one in ten drivers in Wales consider it “normal” behaviour to drive home after a few drinks, whereas those in London are most likely to admit being drunk behind the wheel.

Around five per cent of over-65’s still maintained the relatively old-fashioned belief that a capable driver would still be able to drive correctly – despite the hindrance of having alcohol in the system.

Evidence has shown that even the smallest amount of alcohol in the system can lead to cognitive impairments such as a delayed reaction time and a decreased ability to multi-task – an essential part of driving.

So if you’re going out tonight, it’s time to make a choice: drive and stick to soft drinks, or leave the car at home.

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