September 15, 2010


Thousands of drivers are under the impression that their fully comprehensive insurance policy entitles them to drive other vehicles.

According to statistics around 27% of young drivers under the age of 25 think they can drive friends and families cars whilst still being covered by their insurance policy. This false sense of belief is extremely dangerous as it means many people are driving on the roads illegally, whether they realise it or not.

It is thought that this misconception comes from the older generation of drivers, where by most comprehensive insurance policies used to allow you to drive other vehicles as standard. However, even then when driving another vehicle you were typically only covered for third party and any damage to the vehicle you were driving would be your responsibility.

However, the rules have changed somewhat and even the few policies or add ons available that allow drivers to drive other vehicles would not apply to those under 25.

Holly Harper of Britannia Driving School said: “Driving uninsured carries heavy penalties. With a fine of up to £5000 and 8 penalty points on offer (for new drivers 8 points could result in you losing your licence), it is imperative that you check your policy and know what you are covered for.”

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