October 9, 2012

Long Distant Driving Tips.

Jumping in the car and setting off on a 5 hour drive is something that causes dread to many people. But this needn’t be the case. Taking a short time to plan your trip can relieve a lot of anxiety. Here are my tips for planning a long trip.

Firstly, get a satnav, the 90’s are over. You don’t need to rely on a map and someone to navigate you anymore. Satnavs are widely available, affordable and really easy to use. For those of you that have smart phones, you can download a navigation app on there too. I much prefer to use a satnav when driving instead of listening to a passenger who thinks they “know” how to get there.”

Check over your water and oil levels. There’s no use setting off on a trip if your liquids aren’t topped up. This only takes a few minutes to do. If you’re setting off when the weather is brutally cold, you will want to keep you are your family warm. Moreover, make sure you have enough petrol. Yes, you are likely to pass service stations on your motorway, but it makes sense to top up before you go. If you think you will need to top up on petrol during your route, check which service stations you will be passing.

It’s also worthwhile checking that your indicators and brake lights are all working okay. Just get someone to have a look whilst you push down on the brakes and test the indicators.

Finally: have good music. A long distant drive can get a bit mundane. You will some entertainment so remember to pack your favourite cd. If you can, let someone else drive for part of the journey. This will give you a break and a chance to take in the sights.

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