April 18, 2011


Drivers disposing of litter on the motorway are causing problems not only for other drivers but for those clearing it up and wildlife too.

It is estimated that around 700,000 sacks of litter have been collected over the last few years, with other rubbish including surfboards, tents and footballs.

Dumping any form of little on the motorway or any other road can lead to accidents. Cars have been known to lose control of their vehicle or have their view obstructed due to litter.

It is extremely risky and expensive to have people remove the litter, an expense the taxpayers are forking out for.

Just as importantly wildlife and the environment is taking a knock too.

Emily Smith of Britannia Driving School said: “Ultimately we all suffer, so the simple message is: don’t litter. There are designated sites and dumps to dispose of your rubbish, if you are doing a long trip on the motorway keep a spare bin bag in the car, fill it up and dispose of it safely at the end of your journey.”

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