July 29, 2013

Limited Parking To Be Allowed On Double Yellow Lines

A review is being considered on parking restrictions on double yellow lines. Currently, parking is prohibited, unless stated, on double yellow lines for all vehicles apart from blue badge holders, emergency services and those making commercial deliveries and pick-ups. It has now been suggested that unaffordable town centre parking is a significant contributor to the failing of the High Street.

The Conservatives are keen to issue new guidelines which would encourage councils to allow a grace period of between five and fifteen minutes on double yellow lines. Lib Dem ministers, on the other hand, have their reservations on interfering with councils’ parking policies but have confirmed that a review of the maximum and minimum fine levels set by the government will be made.

It is hoped that a slight lifting of restrictions on parking on double yellow lines will improve trade for stores on the high street as opposed to encouraging the public to shop online or in out-of-town shopping centres.

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