June 21, 2012

Let’s Drive.

So you’ve passed your test got your car and ready to hit the road. You have your eyes sent on the white cliffs of dover the castles of Scotland, venturing through the Safari park and going down to Bournmouth. How exciting. It’s certainly the type of things we did when we first got our car.

There’s a few things you need to remember though when doing long distant travelling, here are a few. Get to know your car, do you know how to change a wheel and check the water levels? Get to know what buttons are where. Where is the indicator? Are you familiar with your fog lights? Do you have a note of your insurance company’s number as well your recovery company? It’s always good to be prepared for any situation. Should you break down, ensure you’ve got a blanket in the back of the car to keep you warm.

It’s worth planning your journey. These days it is so easy, all you have to print off a route map via google and have someone talk you through it, or use a satnav. If you are going to use a satnav, ensure you have a holder so that the satnav doesn’t drop when you are driving. Have it in a position so you can see it clearly but make sure it doesn’t obstruct your view.

With these simple things your driving should be a treat.

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