January 2, 2018

Leaving Your Vehicle in Gear When Parked

According to the director of standards for the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), there is little need to leave a manual vehicle in gear when parked and unattended, so long as the handbrake if the is working effectively. Automatic vehicles get locked into park even though they have a parking brake.

However, if you’re parking on an uphill-downhill incline it may be wise to leave your car in gear in case the handbrake fails. Drivers are advised to “de-clutch” before starting their cars – a requirement on more modern vehicles – to prevent unexpectedly jerking forwards.

Depressing the clutch also reduces wear on the starter motor.With the advent of the electronic parking brake, operated via a switch or button rather than a lever, there is less chance of the handbrake cable working loose over time, and eventually failing to hold the car properly. However, some people believe these electronic parking brakes to be hit or miss as to whether pressing the button actually activates them.

Would you trust an electronic handbrake to stop your car from rolling as opposed to a conventional manual one?

Do you – or anyone you know – leave your vehicle in gear after parking it?

Safe driving from Britannia!