March 9, 2017

Learning To Drive In An Automatic

People prefer different things. Whilst I’m an avid coffee drinker my best friend will only drink tea. Whilst I only want to just a MacBook my colleagues won’t use anything other than Windows.

The same goes for manual vs. automatic cars. Some people love driving manual cars whereas others think an automatic will change your life forever. (I’m part of the former here).

We don’t think there’s a right or wrong, it’s about what works for you. Some people who take an intensive driving course opt to learn in an automatic for the following reasons:

– You’ll gain confidence with your driving more quickly as you’re not going to stall in an automatic car.
– You don’t need to master clutch control or get familiar with the “biting point”
– Some people find that learning in an automatic is beneficial especially in a big city like London where’s there’s lots of stopping and starting
– You will learn a lot faster in an automatic as compared to a manual

Still, for others a manual lets them feel more connected to the car. Changing the gears and getting the biting point right makes them feel as if the car is really theirs. When you learn in a manual you also have the option of switching to an automatic later on.

Whatever decision you make, we have both automatic and manual cars for you to learn in.

Safe driving from Britannia!