September 21, 2011


Mr Eden was jailed last week for seven years after he was found guilty of death by dangerous driving. He has been travelling at excessive speeds and lost control of his car, which then drifted and collided into an oncoming car.

Mr Eden owned a range of fast performance cars and it was due to his speeding that he had a motorbike accident back in 2002 which led to the death of his friend. He was jailed for three years after this offence and banned from driving for 10 years. However, he didn’t adhere to this and was involved in another accident in November 2010 which resulted in the death of his girlfriend.

The Judge was appalled and said that he has ‘learned little’ from his 2002 conviction.

Learner drivers should always be supervised by a full licence holder and despite Mr Eden clearly having driven for a number of years, he could not control the vehicle and showed off in adverse conditions which resulted in the death of two people close to him.

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