August 2, 2012

Know Your Car

When we have a new car it feels absolutely wonderful. For some of us, it is a huge achievement and something we are incredibly proud of. We spend many hours in our cars; it takes us to so many places and carries so much of our stuff.

Remember to get to know your car. The indicators may be in a different place to your previous car. Where abouts are your headlights, or your fog lights? Do you know where your hazard lights are? Then there are things like knowing how many miles to the gallon this car uses. Get to know if you need to open the boot via a button on the inside. Do you know where to add your water?

These are all things that you should be familiar with. Knowing your car is important.

Before you buy a car find out how much insurance will cost, can you afford the monthly fees? Go to a showroom and sit in the car, see how it feels. Remember to think about things such as functionality. The car may seem beautiful, but will it still be beautiful after the kid’s muddy football boots have been in car each week?

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