June 11, 2010


A lot of us will go the extra mile to ensure that our vehicle is safe, such as a steering lock or wheel clamp which is a good idea. However, there are some simple tips that we can all follow to minimise the risk of our car getting broken into.

Do not keep any valuables on display such as money, mobile phones, sat navs, stereos etc.

Make sure that if you have a mobile or sat nav holder you remove this from the window screen, this is informing a thief that you own such technology.

However, if you forget to remove electrical items and they do get stolen make sure you have written down the make, model and serial number of the items. It will make the items more easily identifiable and harder for a thief to sell on.

Park your car in a garage or on a driveway, this makes it a lot more secure than leaving it on a public road. If you do have to park your car away from home, try to park it in an area with CCTV coverage.

It may sound obvious but make sure that your car is always locked and your windows are shut, even if you will only be away from the car for a few seconds a lot of thieves are opportunists.

Finally make sure you keep your keys safe. It is not only pick pockets that you need to be aware of, but those that can take keys from your property. Do not leave your car keys by the front door as this allows easy access.

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