September 27, 2012


When approaching, coming out of, and turning into junctions you are required to exercise due care and attention. Yet, time and time again we see people fail to take the proper measures when it comes to junctions.

When you are approaching a junction remember to do so slowly. Take the time to look both left and right a few times. Remember that although it may be easier to see a car, it’s not always easy to see a motorcyclist. You need to look out for them and ensure that they when you pull out you won’t hit them. This may sound obvious, but it is scary how often people don’t notice cyclists and motorcyclists.

When you are waiting to turn into a junction look around you. If a driver flashes you to turn into the junction have a good look around to make sure that he is not flashing any one else. Before you turn into the junction ensure that you won’t hit a car or person!

Quite often people park close to junctions, thus affecting your view. We all know that people shouldn’t do this, but they do. To be safe, approach this situation cautiously. Take it slowly and constantly make sure you are checking around you for any possible problems.

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