February 16, 2010

Is it illegal to drink and ride a golf buggy?

Drinking and driving a golf buggy is, like drinking and driving a car, something which may well attract the long arm of the law.

The same goes for those navigating a quad bike or mini motorbike while under the influence.

But in these scenarios there is no strict alcohol limit, as there is with when driving a car.

So South Wales Police have charged rugby player Andy Powell with “driving a mechanically propelled vehicle whilst unfit through drink”, under the Road Traffic Act 1988. In such cases, it is up to the court to decide what constitutes being unfit to drive on a road or other public place.

“This could lead to an anomaly where somebody is driving a mechanically propelled vehicle which is not a motor vehicle, whilst over the prescribed limit, for example a golf buggy,” says Nick Freeman, the lawyer known as Mr Loophole for his skill at finding ways to get celebrity clients off driving offences. “That person might be over the prescribed limit, but not unfit to drive… and therefore escape prosecution.”

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