August 4, 2015

Is An Intensive Driving Course Right For You?

This is a difficult question to answer and it differs between people.

We have seen a general change from people having one lesson per week over a few months to people booking an intensive course whereby they have intensive lessons over a few weeks.

Some of the common reasons people choose to have an intensive driving course is that they have a new job that requires them to drive, they’ve moved away from their family and need to be able to get back, or they are needing to get on the road before moving to university.

One the things we’ve noticed that people really enjoy with intensive lessons is how quickly they see their progress develop in a matter of days. All of a sudden things begin to click, you remember how to safely pull-up and pull-off, the mirror-signal-manoeuvre becomes common knowledge and you find it easy to turn corners.

You can test-drive (excuse the pun!) an intensive driving course to see if it’s right for you, after you’ve had your first few lessons, you could book in for two 3-4 hour lessons and see how you get on.

Safe driving from Britannia!