February 27, 2009

Ireland’s Most Notorious Driver: Prawo Jazdy

The identity of Ireland’s most notorious driver has been finally revealed, with over 50 different convictions to their name Prawo Jazdy’s stint has come to an end. That is after police took a closer look, they realised what they thought to be the name of individual Polish licence holders was in fact the Polish translation for “Driving Licence”. This term has been mistaken by dozens of officers.

Police were under the impression a serial offender was on the loose, who was managing to keep reoffending without getting a banned. An internal police memo printed among Irish papers has said officers responsible for taking the details of Polish offenders had all been using “Prawo Jazdy” which is located in the top right corner of the driving licence, instead of the true offenders name.

The memo went on to detail that “Prawo Jazdy” was actually the polish translation for the word driving licence and not the full name of the actual licence holder, it also commented that it was embarrassing to see the system has created “Prawo Jazdy” as a person with over 50 identities.

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