August 30, 2017

How To Safely Tow a Caravan or Trailer

With the bank holiday approaching it’s likely you will want to get away, make the most of the good weather and enjoy some quality family time. And of course, if you’re going on a trip, you might also be planning on towing a caravan or trailer – and with so much space available it’s all too easy to overload!

Your driving licence lists the different categories of vehicle you are permitted to drive, including the size of caravan or trailer you are allowed to tow.

The weight of the loaded caravan or trailer must always be within your car’s towing capability. The combined weight of the loaded car and loaded caravan or trailer must be below the maximum ‘train’ weight for your vehicle. To ascertain what your loaded caravan or trailer weighs, take it to a local weighbridge, or weigh everything separately and then add it to what’s known as the caravan’s ‘Mass in Running Order’ or MRO (90% full fuel tank and the driver, but no other load apart from standard equipment/tools).

Unless you’re very experienced and confident, experts recommend that the weight of your loaded caravan or trailer shouldn’t exceed 85% of your car’s MRO.

Safe driving from Britannia!