January 9, 2015

Fuel Efficient Driving

In today’s world of motoring, with a vast proportion of the population now sitting behind a wheel, we have to do our best to remember that the more time we spend driving, the more money we are spending on fuel for our cars.

Whether you are a petrol or a diesel car driver, it can’t hurt to be a bit more fuel efficient. Here are our top tips for fuel efficient driving:

– Make sure your car is efficient. Loose bodywork, under-inflated tyres, leaking fuel tanks, large loads on or in your car, and pulling steering are all major concerns for the truly fuel-efficient driver.

– Always make sure you drive defensively. Not only will this help to make you more fuel-efficient, this will also make you a safer driver in general and reduce your chance of an accident behind the wheel.

– Always be aware. Awareness and planning is a major part of the driving test, and for good reason. Knowing what is happening in and around your car, and even down the road several cars ahead of you, and learning to drive accordingly will help you be much more fuel efficient.

Safe driving from Britannia!