April 5, 2010


Visiting hospitals can be stressful enough without paying high parking fees and queuing for spaces. Even those who are visiting people on a semi-permanent basis are required to pay these high rates.

Scotland already has free parking for the majority of their hospital car parks and Wales is heading the same way with charges being phased out by 2011.

You could argue that the NHS have the right to charge as the money is a good source of income and the services provided by the NHS are free to begin with. It is also argued that if parking was free, hospital visitors may not benefit as anybody could park there including local residents.

Maybe they could introduce a scheme whereby once you are in the hospital you are giving some form of token to pay for your stay. Or even by simply reducing the cost and providing more spaces, could save many the heartache they could do without in what can be an emotional time.

Many car parks require you to pay in advance and for a place where anything can happen and appointments can easily overrun this is by no means convenient.

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