November 26, 2014

High Motorway Fuel Costs

Motorists are calling on the government to take urgent action to stop the extortionate costs of fuel on the motorway. A new study found that three-quarters of drivers think petrol and diesel sold by service stations is too expensive, with almost two-thirds demanding that prices be capped to stop profiteering.

The report should that many motorists risked their fuel tanks running dry by only buying the bare minimum of fuel on the motorway and then hoping to find a cheaper alternative later. In 2013, ministers announced plans to introduce a system of motorway signs showing prices from all the service stations on a particular stretch of road.

A pilot is due to be run in 2015. An app has been designed to help motorists who need to fill their tanks up on the motorway. The PetrolPrices app allows drivers to find the cheapest provider of fuel within a chosen radius.

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