April 15, 2009

Government Shifts Towards £2,000 Car Scrap Scheme

The Labour Government may introduce a scheme for car owners to scrap old cars in exchange for new ones.

This plan is designed to boost sales of new cars and would probably involve a payment of £2,000 to trade in cars that are a certain number of years old.

A corresponding scheme in Germany, France and Italy has seen orders for new cars rise sharply.

Particulars of the UK scheme will probably be announced in the budget on 22nd April 2009.

Car Scrap Schemes are seen as targeting the main cause of the car industry’s problems – a lack of demand for its vehicles. They also help the environment by replacing old, uneconomical vehicles with cleaner, more efficient ones.

Is the Car Scrap Scheme going to create jobs and help the environment? What are your thoughts on this article? Send your views to Britannia Driving School by using the comments link below:

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