February 6, 2013


Theory and practical driving tests can currently be taken in 21 different languages however, this looks likely to change with the government looking to scrap this in a bid to stop cheating and ensure foreign drivers understand essential road signs and the Highway Code.

Research shows that nearly 145, 000 tests are taken every year in languages other than English and Welsh.

Currently when sitting the theory, you can select to listen to a pre-recorded voice-over in your selected language however, this raises concerns. Road safety minister, Mr. Hammond is said: “There is a potential road safety risk of drivers not understanding important traffic updates or emergency information….all licence holders qualified in the UK will need to understand essential road signs and the Highway Code.”

Nine official interpreters have been banned since 2009 after evidence found them cheating and not only translating the question or instruction but, often providing the answers as well and as a result hundreds of candidates who had passed, have had their licences revoked.

Not only do the government want to ensure drivers understand our rules on the road, but they need to look at the costs of continually developing and up-dating the voice-overs .

The government also hope that  by removing foreign translation it will increase ‘social cohesion and integration’ in Britain.

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