May 31, 2013


THE DSA want to remind driving instructors that customer service is just as important as being qualified as an ADI.

Customer service can often get overlooked as seemingly more important issues take priority.

Being a driving instructor, whether as a one-man-band, with a school or a large organisation, you are representing yourself and your business.

Pupils are your customers. Just like you are a customer when you go shopping or go on holiday, you expect a certain service.

Starting with the basics, as a pupil you would want to enter a clean car that has enough fuel to complete your lesson and doesn’t smell. You would want your instructor to be clean, presentable and friendly. And for the instructor to pay attention, not use their mobile phone or take a fag break when you have paid for their time.

A good trainer will get recommendations and their business will grow based on positive feedback, but you need to achieve this first.

The DSA have often received complaints from pupils whose instructor has not turned up and provided no explanation, left a pupil stranded, taken money and then done a disappearing act.

So when planning a lesson or thinking of new ways to teach a manoeuvre, also think about how you are going to stand out from the rest, go that extra mile and leave your customers with a smile on their face.

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