March 6, 2009

Geneva Motor Show: The Shape Shifting Car

Rinspeed, an experimental Swish car company revealed their latest work – a shape shifting car whose body adapts to the number of passengers on board.

The one seater car, named the iChange has the ability to transform to accommodate three passengers simply by pressing a button. The idea behind this invention is to achieve maximum aerodynamics and improve efficiency.

The vehicle weighs 1,050 kg, powered by an electric motor which produces 150kW of power. This enables the car to have a top speed of 135mph and accelerating speed of 0 to 62mph in just above four seconds – based around a Subaru WRX six speed gear box.

The iChange’s adaptive body will transform its teardrop shape to an expanded rear end providing room for an extra two passengers, the car has no doors but instead accessed via the roof. Many of the controls can be operated by an iPhone including the locking systems and ignition.

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