November 23, 2010

Fuel Card News Motoring Updates: Super speed cameras

Fleet drivers are being warned about a new speed camera, designed to detect motorists who are committing up to five different driving offences, which could soon be appearing on Britain’s roads.

The Asset camera will be able to catch drivers who are speeding, measure distances between vehicles, pick out drivers who aren’t wearing seatbelts and identify vehicles without insurance or valid tax disks.

The European Commission has funded the new super speed camera, which is named Asset; advanced safety and driver support for essential road transport, and is currently being developed by a number of European institutions.

It has been reported that researchers hope to have the camera set up across Europe by 2013.

Senior research scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland, Matti Kutila, said: “The intention is to support traffic police to supervise that the drivers follow traffic rules such as wearing seat belts, preventing over-speeding and maintaining sufficient distance to the front vehicle. This, of course, is beneficial for road safety.”

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