October 10, 2013

Foreign-Language Tests To Be Banned

Ministers plan to ban people from taking the driving test in a foreign language amid fears that they are unable to read English road signs. Further, the case of the Mandarin translator for the theory test who was jailed for 12 months for fraudulently indicating the correct answers to the theory test questions has caused concerns that interpreters enable learners to cheat.

The current rules allow the theory test to be sat in 19 foreign languages, aided by either an interpreter or voiceovers, and permit learners to attend the practical test with a translator.

In a consultation run earlier this year over 70 per cent of people supported the ban of foreign language voiceovers and interpreters on tests.

The changes are designed to mimic driving in real life and it is feared that in a lot of cases interpreters may be giving more help than they are supposed to.

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