July 1, 2011


DSA (Driving Standards Agency) statistics have shown that 339 learners and examiners were injured last year whilst on a practical examination.

Of those injuries recorded, 147 injuries received by candidates or examiners where classed as serious and required attention from a GP or medical attention from hospital.
The other 192 recorded injuries were less serious and required either basic first aid, were treated themselves of did not require medical treatment.

There was also one death of a candidate whilst on test, unfortunately they suffered a heart attack but it was found to be unrelated to the test itself.

However, it is not just injuries sustained by examiners but abuse from candidates also. Five examiners were physically attacked and more than 200 were verbally abused following a test.

Emily Smith of Britannia Driving School said: “Emotions run high on the day of a practical exam and understandably pupils will be disheartened if they fail. However, examiners have a duty of care to all members of the public to only pass those that have reached a satisfactory level of driving. So those of you that fail, take the examiners feedback and try to use it on your next try and remember they are only human.”

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