September 15, 2009

Drug driving can double car insurance premiums

Whilst drink driving is widely acknowledged as unacceptable, when it comes to drugs the line is blurred. The fact of the matter is drug-driving carries the same penalties of drink-driving as well as potentially doubling motor insurance premiums. With 10% of male drivers admitting to driving whilst taking illegal drugs, more people need to be made aware of the repercussions.

Contrary to belief, police can identify whether or not drugs have been taken and have various methods of testing that can be done at the roadside.

Some insurance providers can more than double your premium following drug-driving related convictions, others won’t quote at all.

With belts being tightened more than ever due to the financial climate, drivers need to be aware that being caught driving whilst on drugs results in a definite narrowing of choice when it comes to getting a good price on their insurance.

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