May 31, 2012

Dropping Litter

We all remember our mothers, teachers, grandmothers, fathers and elder siblings saying something like, “if you’ve used it, then bin it,” when we were little. It was annoying hearing it but that advice is valuable and we all need to take it seriously. In a report released from the Highways Agency they state that 250, 000 sacks of litter are cleared from motorways every year. This figure will shock many, it certainly shocked us. It is especially shocking as litter is something that can be easily reduced. Like our elders said, all we need to do is bag it and bin it. There’s never a reason to drop litter.

And please, never ever throw litter out of your windows when driving. Not only is this lazy it’s extremely dangerous. When you are travelling at such speeds and you discard litter from your window, in can hit against another car and can cause terrible accidents.

Dropping litter also has awful effects on the environment and animals who depend on the environment to survive. Each year thousands of animals are killed through swallowing litter or getting trapped in plastic bags that have been thrown into lakes and ponds. This can easily be avoided by putting litter in dustbins.

We ask you to take pledge to not drop litter on the streets and make the roads better for everyone.

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