April 27, 2010

Driving with eyes

The process called “eyeDriver” follows the driver’s eye movements to direct the vehicle in the same direction.

German researchers have developed a new technology that allows the driver to steer his car without touching the steering wheel, guiding the vehicle only with the eyes.

Raul Rojas, a researcher in artificial intelligence at the Free University of Berlin, said Friday that the process called “eyeDriver” was on the driver’s eye movements to steer the vehicle in the same direction. Mr. Rojas and his team presented a prototype in Berlin on Friday.

The Dodge Caravan minivan was circulated on the tarmac at Tempelhof airport decommissioned, its driver using only his eyes to check the vehicle. The steering wheel turned as guided by invisible hands.

For now, the technology can achieve the 50 km / h. “The next step is to drive 95 km / h,” says Rojas. But “the biggest challenge is of course driving in a city with pedestrians and many obstacles,” says researcher of Mexican origin.

For the moment, “eyeDriver” can perform relatively simple exercises. The car has pursued a pedestrian or another car on the tarmac. It may also decline: the driver must look in the mirror to guide the vehicle.

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